Press Release
December 12, 2011
Lexycom Technologies Inc. Announces the EVA Software Defined Radio Demonstration at NASA Johnson Space Center

Longmont, CO--Lexycom Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of Software Defined Radios, announces the demonstration of the Lexycom EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity), multi-service, miniature Software Defined Radio (SDR) for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

After completion of a Phase 2 NASA contract for the design of the miniaturized, digital EVA SDR, Lexycom Technologies Inc. was invited to the Johnson Space Center to demonstrate the newly developed radio. The contract effort resulted in a lightweight, programmable, multi-service, frequency agile, Extra Vehicular Activity, S-band Software Defined Radio that supports data, voice, and video (both standard and high definition). SDR features include a modular design with an easily scalable architecture. The modular design of the EVA permits implementation of the same hardware at all network nodes concept. This novel approach brings several benefits to the entire system including reducing system maintenance, system complexity, and development cost.

The demonstration of the EVA Software Defined Radio at the NASA Space Center was conducted by Aleksey Pozhidaev of Lexycom Technologies Inc..

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