Mobility, interoperability, compatability, optimum spectrum utilization, software defined radio technology provides an efficient scalable communications solution.

SDR technology allows the user extreme flexibility with on-the-fly configuration and reconfiguration of the radio to perform new tasks. Operating parameters such as frequency, modulation type, and output power, of a software-defined radio can be easily changed via the software, unlike a conventional radio in which the parameters of the radio are hard coded and dictated by the hardware.

The option selectable data interface allows the user to select from a variety of different data types within the same radio by changing the interface board.

The on-board firmware bank supports multiple versions of user selectable
firmware. Six firmware storage files combined with the reconfigurable software allow the user to select, download, upload, update and store a variety of firmware types in one radio.

Over-the-air-programming capabilties make network set up, user changes and over the air upgrades quick and convenient.
Software Defined Technology
SDR Advantages
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