EVA 2.4 GHz Product Page
Key Features
Frequency band:
Rf Channel Data Rate:

Output Power:

Networking Protocols:

Supported modulations:


Error Correction:
Error Correction aids:
Error Detection:

Data interfaces:

Input voltage range:
Operating temp. range:


2.4 GHz, Software Defined Radio
8 kbps to 6.5 Mbps, capable of 13 Mbps, dynamically adj.
Optimized for HighDef and St.Def H.264 video
Simultaneous G.729 voice, C&T, biomedical data
up to 1W programmable, dynamically adj. for low power consumption

Mesh (based on 802.11s, modified MAC), Ad-Hoc capable
All RF transfers are extremely secure, IPv4 based
Enhanced all-digital Demodulator with multi-mode Costas Loop and innovative Carrier Tracking Module
Multi-speed, modulation varies on packet-by-packet basis

Convolutional coding; Viterbi soft decoder, k=7
matrix Interleaver, matrix de-Interleaver
various CRC (CRC16, CRC24 MIL-STD-188-184, CRC32)

AES 128-bit, SHA; re-key on-the-fly
serial (up to 3.5 Mbps, synchronous or asynchronous)
SDLC (various configurations)
Ethernet, I2C, SPI
user-defined IOs

designed to be battery powered; 3.3 VDC; 4.5...32 VDC
-40 ... +85C

3.0'' x 1.6'' x 0.5'' (board level)
4.7'' x 2.1'' x 0.8'' (enclosure)
2 oz. (board level), 6 oz. (enclosure)

RTOS running along with the main code
A daughter-card with video compressor (H.264 HighDef or StDef) and voice codec
Interfaces to a wearable SmartAntenna with SteeringBeam functionality, DOD qualified
Additional RF Section can be added for multi-band functionality
Other Frequency bands
Virtually all hardware modules of the SDR can be tested using Built-In-Tests

EVA 2.4 GHz, watertight enclosure, (IP65,1 Ethernet, 2 serial)
EVA 2.4 GHz board level SDR
(2 oz., 3.3 VDC)