Press Release
December 15, 2010
Lexycom Technologies Inc. Introduces the Mini-DLT Software Defined Radio

Longmont, CO--Lexycom Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of software defined radios,
(SDR) announces the release of the Telion Series Mini-DLT- an L-band SDR designed to operate within the existing ARDS system infrastructure.

The Mini-DLT is a very low-cost, small form factor Data Link Transceiver (DLT) which is targeted to operate as a Participant within the ARDS Network. This software defined radio adds complete system flexibility to the ARDS Network while providing a low cost, easily scalable solution to expand the existing ARDS system. The Mini-DLT performs all of the ARDS Participant functionality (F1 only), supports the interface to the existing ARDS-compatible RF Power Amplifiers, and demonstrates full compatibility with ARDS messaging and data interfaces. The Mini-DLT is also equipped with real-time CDU Menus that mimic the already existing ARDS CDU screens.

Additionally, the Mini-DLT is available either as a board level unit (weighs 3.5 oz) or in an EMI shielded, extruded aluminum enclosure. Enclosed units are flight-ready, waterproof, and are in compliance with MIL-461 standard. The Mini-DLT also supports SDLC mode, PC104, or high speed Serial Interface (up to 3.5 Mbps, synchronous or asynchronous).

About Lexycom Technologies
Lexycom Technologies Inc. is a Longmont, Colorado based innovative designer of software defined radios for the OEM and industrial marketplace. Learn more about the company by visiting the website at