Press Release
May 01, 2013
Lexycom Technologies Inc. Introduces its FIPS140-2 Level2 Embedded Cryptographic Module

Longmont, CO--Lexycom Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of miniature Software Defined Radios (SDR) transceivers, announces the release of the 'Verno-CM' Cryptographic Module. The 'Verno-CM' is a FIPS140-2 embedded PCB-component Module. It measures 1"x1"x.03" and has been tested to Level2 as a board level device.

The 'Verno-CM' Module has no IO connectors - all of its ports are printed-circuit board (PCB) traces. As a result, the Module can be designed-in/embedded into any larger PCB without taking up the additional space that is typically required for connectors and data buffers, or it can be used as a stand alone device. The 'Verno-CM' is bidirectional (encrypt/decrypt) and operates using AES protocol, the crypto mode is user-selectable. The Module supports verbose GUI, up to four user-programmable keys, and high-speed parallel-memory DataIn/DataOut interface with interrupt line notifications.

The module is designed to withstand military standard environmental requirements and EMI/EMC limitations.

About Lexycom Technologies
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