Worldwide use
Secure transfer
of information
Reliable even in
RF polluted
Adjustable RF channel throughput
Not every RF system can sustain RF interference and overcome in- and out-of-band noises. The Tiamis-800 is designed to operate as a frequency-hopping device. It can also be used in single-frequency mode with the direct sequence function enabled or disabled. Choice of the hop rate, modulation type, RF channel bit rate, and modulation indexes allow the transceiver to be fine tuned for specific RF environment conditions.
RF channel security is always an issue for the applications involving transfer of sensitive data.
The Tiamis-800 has a built-in encryption engine that offers three different types of data encryption algorithm options: AES, DES, and 3DES. In addition, the transceiver has enough processing resources to encrypt the data in real time.
This feature is unique as most radios are pre-configured for a specific frequency band. With the Tiamis-800, the frequency band can be selected and stored for the geographic region based on the rules and regulations of that specific area.

The frequency band covered by the transceiver and the fact that is supports any RF channel waveform, allows the Tiamis-800 to provide RF communication links in most any country in the world. As a result, the Tiamis-800 can be re-programmed to stay in compliance with the local frequency allocation authorities wherever it is installed.
In any wireless system, it is desirable to use the most RF channel throughput available. For short communication links, you may want to send data at a high RF channel bit rates. However, if the communication sites are a great distance from one another, the RF throughput may be sacrificed in exchange for longer distances.

The Tiamis-800 is a fully digital transceiver with adjustable RF channel bit rate. The transceiver can be programmed for different RF channel bit rates and modulation schemas.This adjustable RF channel bit rate is unique, as most radios are pre-set. Essentially, you can adjust the rate at which you receive your data. The shorter the distance, the faster the RF channel data transfer can be achieved. However, the Tiamis-800 can also accommodate data transfers over a very long distance by adjusting the throughput to a much slower rate. The difference between the slowest mode of transceiver operation compared to the fastest data transfer rate is almost 500 times!
The Tiamis-800 transceiver is designed to work with almost any type of user data interface such as RS232, RS485, RS422, USB, Ethernet, and Digital/Analog I/Os. Contact the factory for more details.